Cicciobello Sunny – Staying Safe in the Sun

With the weather being dull and gray most of the time in the UK, it’s no wonder that we crave the sun.

As much as we love to sit and soak up the sun, we have to be aware of the danger of too much sun.

The children know that they should have sun screen on and wear a hat in the sun but often forget.

The Cicciobello doll is one that reminds them that they need to be safe in the sun.

Take the doll out in the sun and you’ll see the stomach and face tan. It is noticeably different so you can’t miss it.


The doll is slightly smaller than the previous one we reviewed and it is the perfect size for taking along on a trip to the beach. It has the same adorable little face as usual and the characteristic hair cut. He wears a vest and shorts and has sunglasses too. He is really cute.


It comes with a bracelet for your child and a corresponding pendant for the doll that changes colour to show that it’s too hot.



I think this doll is perfect for teaching little ones the danger of ‘too much sun’. Yes, I know, we often wonder if there is such a thing in the UK. But when the sun comes out, because we see so little of it, we tend to go overboard and that’s where the danger lies. We have to be especially careful with children and babies as their skin is more sensitive and likely to burn quicker.

I was able to show my little one how quickly you can get sun burnt and we also discussed keeping hydrated and staying safe in the sun by wearing a sun hat, coming in to the shade and using sunglasses.


The doll comes with an informative guide for parents and children to stay safe in the sun and how to prevent sunburn and its ensuing health effects. If one follows the rules of SLIP, SLAP, SLOP – you can have fun outdoors while still being safe.

Aeryn just loves him and he will probably be coming to all our beach visits this year.

I think Cicciobello Sunny is perfect for this time of the year – Spring and into Summer. It is a lovely little doll too and great for carrying along to the beach.

The doll is priced at £29.99 and is available at all major retailers.

Disclosure: I was sent the above doll to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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