Cicciobello Rumbly Tummy Doll from Flair – A Review

I’ve always wanted a Cicciobello Doll for my little one because I remember my niece having one in Italy and she loved playing with it. Luckily for me, we were asked to review this lovely Cicciobello Rumbly Tummy Doll from Flair.


In a line up of little girl dolls, it is nice to have a boy doll (and he really is a boy!) to play with.

In the box is –

  • The doll
  • Interactive spoon
  • Interactive juice carton
  • Potty
  • 2 cloths
  • A dummy

The doll is quite adorable, dressed in a t-shirt and a pull up nappy. I did think his hair was a bit messy, like a haircut gone wrong (like if I had decided to cut my little one’s hair!!) but the children said it looks cute.


As mentioned he is definitely a boy as he has his ‘boy parts’ in place. 🙂


He talks so sweetly and immediately starts saying he is hungry or thirsty and calls for juice. Once you give him juice, his mouth shines yellow and he wants to be cleaned. Wipe the mouth with a cloth and it disappoears. 🙂


The same with the food – give him his food in the spoon provided and wipe his dirty mouth to see the green colouring disappear.


Like all little babies, he does need the toilet. He doesn’t give much warning so you’ve got to be quick to get him on the potty. He tells you he’d done but his little bottom needs cleaning and it shines yellow, so you need to clean that too.

We are very particular at keeping a separate cloth for the mouth and bottom!!


I think he also suffers from bouts of colic as he cries when his tummy hurts and it shines red. Gently rub the tummy to make the pain go away.

The doll also talks quite a bit and says Love you Mummy in an adorable way.

All 3 children love the little doll and have been taking it in turns to look after it. Ethan though leaves the dirty bottom to the girls.


It is a lovely product and is great for role play. The doll is a nice size and you can move the arms and legs.

The doll can be set to speak in 3 languages – English, French and Italian which is another great plus for children to pick up a bit of these languages.

It requires 3 AA batteries which are not included so make sure you have some batteries at home to avoid disappointment.

Priced at £49.99, this doll would make a lovely present for a child. It’s sure to be on Santa’s list this year.

The doll is available at Argos, Toys R Us and Smyths Toys


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