Ciao Gusto brings together 30 Italian brands at Ocado

I LOVE Italian food. My favourite is seafood pasta. And Panna Cotta.


The children also enjoy Italian food although they tend to associate Italian cuisine only with pasta. Little do they realise that their firm favourite – Pizza, is very much Italian. The pizzas in Italy are a whole different ball game to the fast food ones here though. There’s so much variety there.

Anyway, coming back to the reason for this post.

How do you buy your Italian cooking ingredients?

When I order a shop online, I have to flit from aisle to aisle to find all I need for that perfect pasta. Thanks goodness someone has thought of a better idea and made it simple for me.


Ciao Gusto has arrived at Ocado. It means that there are 30 of Italy’s most popular brands are brought together under a single tab. You can ‘browse the delicious recipes according to ingredient, preparation time, course or occasion, and explore the joys of Italian cuisine through tips, advice and information about each product.’

Here’s a list of the brands that are a part of Ciao Gusto –

Pasta – Barilla

Fresh pasta – Rana

Rice – Riso Gallo

Flours – Polenta Valsugana

Tomato and vegetable conserves – Cirio, Valfrutta

Cheese and dairies- Auricchio, Parmareggio

Fish – Delicius, Regnoli/Medusa

Tuna – Rio Mare

Cured meats – Negroni

Soy and rice products – Valsoia

Olive oil – Filippo Berio

Vinegar – Ponti

Bakery – Bauli, Colussi

Snacks – Amica Chips

Dehydrated fruits – Noberasco

Honey – Ambrosoli
Jams – Santa Rosa

Candies and chocolate – Elah Dufour/Novi

Coffee – Lavazza

Herbal teas – Bonomelli

Water and fruit juices – San Benedetto, Parmalat

Wine – Casa Vinicola Zonin, Santa Margherita

Alcoholic beverages – Vecchia Romagna

Sour cherries and syrups: Fabbri


I missed the launch night and it looked like it was a real treat with Giovanni Rana present. The images in this post are of the night.

I’m obviously going to have to try and replicate some of the dishes. (I’m getting way beyond myself here) There are some ingredients that I really need to look up but they all look amazing. With the recipes there to help, I’m sure to get my fill of a good Italian – dinner of course!

Right now, off to meal plan and shop. Are you going to join me?

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