Christmas is all about giving

And sharing the little you’ve got,

And seeing the smile on a saddened face

When you give to one who has not.


Christmas is about forgiving

The people who caused us harm;

It’s the peace you feel deep within

And keeps you feeling calm.


Christmas is being with family

Who love you in all you do.

And being sorry for all the hurt

You’ve caused the whole year through


Christmas is helping your elders,

And visiting the sick.

Giving up some time of your own

To spend with a friend you didn’t pick.


Christmas is all about loving

And showing how much you care,

It’s telling someone you’re there for them

And that they are beyond compare.


Christmas is not about presents

Or  finding the tallest tree;

It’s  a time for mending our ways

And being the best we can be.
Copyright 2012

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