Christmas specials at the Build-a-Bear Workshop

I love the Build-a-Bear Workshop not to mention the children. In fact I have always loved plush toys and being able to make one’s own plush is got to be a magical experience.

Of course, there may be times when you just cannot make the experience or maybe you would just like to surprise that special someone with a furry friend. At these times, you can always purchase a Build-a-bear Workshop friend online.

At our home, we love the Build-a-Bear Workshop furry friends because they are so adorable. We have been privileged to review products from the range previously and this time we were sent a Snowy Sparkles Bunny to review from the winter range.


This Bunny is absolutely lovely. It is blue and has sparkling snowflakes all over. It is so soft and huggable and would make an ideal night time friend. It is so sweet to look at that it can well be given on its own with an outfit to go with it. It is priced at £12.

However, if you want someone to be your BFF, get the matching outfit as the outfit is so delightful. Snowy Sparkles Bunny wears a Purple ice skating dress with sequins all over and even comes with ear muffs. The dress has a faux fur trim and ensures that Snowy sparkle bunny remains trendy while keeping warm. The dress including the ear muffs is £6.

To complete the outfit, Snowy wears Pom Pom skates in white. The skates are priced at £6.

The bunny with the outfit and shoes costs £24 which is definitely worth it considering the quality of the product. The children are sharing the bunny at the moment and are being ever so good about it (I think it has something to do with a man in a red suit!)

I can guarantee you that this gift will always be a treasured gift.

These toys make wonderful ‘friends’, bedtime buddies and are great for imaginative play.


The Build-a-Bear Workshop has a whole range of special winter products and the children really like the reindeer as well. I must admit that they do look gorgeous in their clothes.


If you are stuck for a gift idea at this last minute, you can purchase Snowy Sparkles Bunny either in store or online and use the Next Day Delivery to get it in time to put under the tree. I can assure you that it would definitely make the receiver’s day. Alternatively you can always purchase a gift card and have someone go instore for the full bear making experience. (this is a magical experience for any boy or girl)

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product for a review. All ideas are entirely my own.

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