Christmas Sneak Peek 1 – PlayStation

I recently wrote about the various Christmas in July events that I have been attending and I am so geared up for Christmas now.

All the events were lovely with a whole lot of products on display.


The PlayStation event caught my attention with the amazing games on show.

I love the new PlayStation 4  Glacier White that will be available from September. It’s perfect for the snowed in days to get the family playing together.


Jadyn is a big fan of Singstar (although we have an older version of the console). I can quite see that she would be thrilled to have one of these for Christmas especially as I will be able to download the Singstar App and use it as a microphone. How cool is that? I may even be belting out a few songs myself and sharing it on Facebook? Come on, you know you want me to.

DRIVECLUB 3D eng_1402392254I know Hubs would spend a lot of time with Drive Club. To be able to create one’s own Racing Club and race in exotic locations around the world?

Ethan would be stuck on the Lego Batman game. He is completely immersed in Lego and super heroes.

the-order-1886-screen-07-ps4-us-16jun14I particularly liked The Order although I know it’s not out until early next year. The scenes from Neo-Victorian London are recreated so amazingly. I know I would be hooked.


Another one, I think the entire family would enjoy is Little Big Planet 3 which allows you to create your own levels and games and broadcast it via a PS4 Share button.


It was also great to see the PlayStation TV, a micro console that works in tandem with the PS4 and allows one to take the game beyond the living room. I quite like this idea as this means that I will finally have the telly to myself while the children can take the game to their bedroom.

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the Christmas press event hosted by PlayStation. I was given a goody bag. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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