Christmas shop in my children’s school – a lovely tradition

I think the nicest thing about Christmas is Christmas traditions.

We have a few in our home but I love the one that the children have in their school.

Every year, the school’s PTA holds a little Christmas shop.

What this involves is that children can take a bit of money and shop for presents for their family and friends. The presents are already wrapped, with one of each product on view so one can see what they are buying.

It is wonderful to see the children get so excited about shopping for things and coming back with presents they themselves have chosen and bought. Since the products are also quite inexpensive (about £1 – £2), children can actually get the gifts from their own pockeet money so they feel that they are actually buying the presents and not just having their name on it.

This year, we helped pack some presents as the PTA asks for help from other parents to get the wrapping done, and the children were quite thrilled to help.


On the day, they came back with some lovely presents. though I would have loved to have them under the tree, they could not wait to give them out and I couldn’t wait to see what they had bought. 🙂

Jadyn bought her father a coffee mug, Ethan – a little make your own plane set, Aeryn – a little doll’s house and me a photo frame.

Ethan was only allowed to take £3 so he came back with bracelets for his sisters, an oyster card case for his father and some nail files for me.

To me these are the most perfect gifts I could ever receive (besides all the cuddles and kisses of course) because I know that they are bought with love.

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