My Christmas Season Fridge Freezer Wishlist

Come Christmas and after the manic run up to it, all I want to do over the season is relax. Relaxation means no cooking for me and for this reason I try and stock up the fridge/freezer with things that are easy to take out and pop in the over or steam or microwave.

Since it is the school holidays too, I am less bothered about routine.

Just before we shut for the holidays, we tend to go and shop in quantity and stuff the freezer with stuff that will take the edge off the stress of cooking. I think cooking on Christmas Day is more than enough cooking for the season.

My freezer wishlist –

Fish fingers/Batter fish – Ideal quick dinner or lunch and the kids love it too.

Chips – frozen chips are quick and easy to prepare and go well with the above.

Bread – yes, I do freeze my bread and it’s great for sandwiches when one doesn’t feel like a heavy meal. Although to be honest, it can become quite a wholesome meal if it becomes a club sandwich.

Ready made meatballs – Spag-bol? Taken care of in minutes.

Frozen veg – Quick stir fry with noodles?

Pies – chicken pies are a firm favourite here and make a great meal especially in the winter season.

Frozen berries – super smoothie time or dessert served with cream.

Dessert – frozen dessert are a must have to complete the meal.

Obviously the list is not exhaustive and I have a good lot of food in the fridge too. The leftover turkey is a great example. I also always have yogurt at home for a smoothie and veg for a quick salad. Cheese is a good example as it’s an ideal snack as well as perfect for sandwiches and yes – cheese on toast. Anything that involves not much cooking is fine with me.

It always helps that I have a fairly large fridge freezer for all my holiday short cuts in the kitchen. Do you freeze much of your food over the season?


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