Christmas presents for £5 and under with Sports Direct – #sdfiverchallenge

I’ve always known that Sports Direct isn’t only about sporting goods and clothing. Two years ago, I had picked up some pretty cute Disney inspired dresses for my little one. This time though I was challenged to pick up presents for a fiver.

Now there was no way I thought I would find something that could be a present (from Santa) for a fiver. A stocking filler – yes. A full fledged present? No.

I was quite wrong. On searching the Sports Direct site, I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole range of presents all £5 and below that would make excellent Christmas presents. There is something for everyone too.

I had a tough choice on what to pick. In the end I picked up this Star Wars Glow in the dark Sticker Set that’s priced at £4.75 only. It has 10 sheets of stickers as well as gel pens and a stencil so one can get creative. A perfect gift for a Star Wars fan – my son.


For my little girl, I picked up this Make Your Own Tsum Tsum kit. I know she’ll love it as you can actually make your own Tsum Tsum. There are four characters to make – Elsa, Sven, Marie and Stitch. It contains felt and padding to stitch your own figures. I can’t wait to help.

I also picked up this pack of Crayola erasers. I always seem to missing them at home so I figure getting quite a few in a pack will come in use. This pack was just £1.25

Since I was given £30 to spend of gifts, I also purchased some tracksuit bottoms for Jadyn and these were just £3.50. They are prefect for lounging around at home.


At the time of writing this post, I went in again to check the site and I see that many new products have been added which were not available when I made my purchases. You can now buy chocolates, boxes of Jack Daniels’ fudge, stockings, candy canes and stationery.

Of course, you can also purchase some lovely sports socks and other sports goods for under £5 too.

I did have to pay a £4.99 delivery charge but since I chose to deliver it to a store near me, I received a £5 voucher to spend in store. If you choose to have it delivered to your home address, you don’t get a voucher.

If you are looking for Christmas gifts online, I highly recommend visiting Sports Direct. You’ll be sure to find something.

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