Christmas In July…


Who’s thinking of Christmas? Not you? But I am.

Well, its kind of caught up with me as I have been busy attending some wonderful Christmas in July events in the last week. Hopefully this year, I will have all my presents ready by November instead of leaving it until the week up to Christmas! I should be since I have had loads of inspiration. Probably, a bit too much! Oh well! Lucky you if you are getting a present from me!

Stay tuned to my blog as I will be showcasing all the lovely products that I have been seeing and will also be pointing out my favourites.

It’s really strange to be attending Christmas shows in July –  For one, it is kind of hot for snow and I always associate Christmas with snow (although it is summer in Australia for Christmas!!)

Secondly, I can’t quite get my head around eating mince pies just yet (although again I did try a few of them out and realised that maybe some mince pies are fine for all year round)

For most of the events, I have taken Aeryn along and she has simply enjoyed them. Christmas can never be too early for a child. The other two are so jealous. But then I have brought them back quite a few goodies to taste. So, all’s good.

On the whole, I love the Retro/Vintage look that seems to be a trend this year. Everything looks so gorgeous. I also like that though the traditional red and green colours are present, there is a huge part that is dominated by blues and champagnes and bronzes. Delightful.

The toys, of course, tend to be more interactive and animated and there are some lovely ones out there. Can’t wait to see the children’s faces when Santa arrives with some of them. 🙂

Anyway, having attended quite a few, with still more to come, I am kind of getting excited about Christmas already.

When I first heard about these Christmas in July events, I thought the world was going crazy but I can quite understand, after seeing the excellent products that will go on sale, that so much preparation has to go into it to get everything perfect for the big day. And why not? It’s Christmas! My favourite time of the year.

Christmas come early? No, it’s just Christmas in July.


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