Christmas Gifts from – Review

Things are seriously getting manic now with Christmas just 10 days away. Have you done all your Christmas shopping? Or are you like me – just getting started?

Or maybe you are adding to presents?

I think Is a really cool site where you can get a lot of ‘cool’ gifts for people.

I was recently invited to review some products from the site and believe me it was a very difficult choice trying to pick a gift. There is so much choice. Luckily they have a handy gift generator where you can put in some specifications and it will return gifts in that category.

In the end, I settled with the below –


Snuggly rascals – these headphones are really cute. They look like a headband but have the earphones in them. The speakers can be removed so you can wash the headband too.

Star Wars Chopsticks – We are constantly trying to master the art of using chopsticks and these Star Wars light up ones are the perfect way to get children interested in using them. We also had to have noodles so Ethan could eat with his chopsticks.

Emoji Power Bank – this emoji power bank is the perfect gift for a teen or tween. It ensures that they always have their phones/tablets charged for that most important text. Besides, it does look rather cool.

Nail Dryer – This was my favourite. This cute monkey nail dryer makes it easy to have your nails done in record time. Simply turn on the dryer and place your nail in position for the monkey to dry them for you.

As mentioned there were so many things that I want from there. There are some amazing kitchen gadgets like this donut maker set that I absolutely adore. I may need to pick it up – it’s a really good price too.

I love the range that is available on the site as there is something for everyone and at a reasonable price too. There are some products that cost  the same as other retailers like this Instax Mini that I have my eye on.

It all depends on how much you want to spend. I found the gifts for kids to be a little different from the norm which makes CoolStuff the best places to buy presents.

I don’t know about you, but its always difficult buying gifts for dads and husbands. CoolStuff has some lovely gift ideas for men.

The gift generator allows you to be quite specific so you can add in the amount you want to spend with the target – whether adult or child and interests too. The site then throws up suggestions which are pretty spot on.

Currently, delivery is free with all purchases over £29.95 which is a good saving too.

If you are looking for Christmas gifts that are a little different this year as well as being cool, go check out

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