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I’m glad I have a little boy as he has taught me so much through his games and toys. Being a girl, I have had more experience with dolls and bows and frills and fancies. 

Thanks to my son, I am now familiar with Transformers, Action figures, and the rest.

We loved playing with these toys and felt that some were so good that they needed to go onto our Christmas gift guide for boys. There is no order of preference as we enjoyed playing with them equally.

There are also some toys that we have not reviewed but we feel are great for Christmas gifts.  The ones we have reviewed have a link to the review. If you would like to know more, click on the title to link to the review.


Innotab 3S from VTech

The Innotab 3S from Vtech is a gift for any child to enjoy for a number of years as it has age sepcific apps. A great Christmas gift.


Roar ‘N’ React Boris Tyrannosaurus Rex

Boris, the T-rex, from Tomy Toys is a large dinosaur from the television series Dinosaur Train. It is an interactive toy and speaks and roars and mentions interesting Dinosaur facts.


Read with me Scout

From LeapFrog, this little puppy actually reads. It is an interactive toy that Ethan loves to play with and spends time with learning to read. He also has it in bed as it sings a lullaby. Now wouldn’t it be nice to have a puppy that reads?


Ben 10 Omnitrix

Is your child a Ben10 fan? This Omnitrix Shuffle is the ultimate toy for him. It is definitely one that will turn him into an alien so he can fight the baddies!


Tonka Town Fire Station Playset

We spend time very often rescuing people from fires with this playset. A great toy that will be a hit with any little boy.

john deere

John Deere Remote Controlled Tractor

Is your son monster truck crazy? He would adore this John Deere Remote Controlled Tractor with lights and realistic engine and reversing sounds.

chuggingtonRescue at Rocky Ridge

A revolutionary train track from Tomy based on the series Chuggington. Easy to put together and build in multiple ways. Can be combined with other Chuggington train sets.


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