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We have been really pleased to review a number of wonderful products and gifts for girls in the last few months and thought we would put together a list to make it easier for you when you are searching for the ideal gift for a little girl. To know more about each product, click on the title of each in red!

Here are our suggestions  – (they are not in order of preference – we loved playing with them all)


Moshling Mall

A must for every Moshi fan.  The Moshlings spend a lot of time playing in the Mall. With sound and lights and a disco ball – who would not want this under the tree?


pick n mix4

Pick ‘n’ Mix Jewellery Making Kit 

A wonderful, creative set that will make any little girl happy. What could be better than making one’s own jewellery. You can even make one for your best friends to remain BFFs.



Makie Doll

J has enjoyed making the doll and we just can’t wait to receive it when we shall be posting another review. In the meantime, why not order one of your own?


My Little Pony from Build-a-Bear Workshop

This was a wonderful experience and one that would be an unforgettable event in a child’s life. What could be better than bringing to life your own furry friend. Jadyn loves her Twilight Sparkle. There is a huge range of furry friends to choose from in the workshop so there will be something for everyone.


Flutter Bye Fairy

A fairy that flies! Now, this is special and will be a great gift to open up on Christmas Day.

photo (3)

Harumika Dress Design

This is one of our favourite games. It is creative and involves designing your own dresses. Which little girl wouldn’t just love this?



H & A Bath Products

If you have a budding diva on your hands, these Minnie products are sure to be a big hit. You can gift a collection or break them up to use as stocking fillers. Perfect!


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