Christmas Gift Guide for Tweens

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I have found it quite difficult to settle on a gift for my daughter. She is at that stage where she can’t quite make up her mind about whether she would like a doll or makeup! Get her both maybe? If you’re facing that problem, here’s a list of what we recommend for the Tween Girl…

Sew Cool

Stitch with the revolutionary threadless sewing machine? Is that cool or what?


Jadyn just loves creating with this and it’s ever so safe.

Monster High Freaky Fusion Frankiestein Recharge Chamber


Click on the link above to read my review but I can tell you that this is quite an awesome doll and sure to be a hit on Christmas Day.

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster


This has been on Jadyn’s wishlist for sometime now. It is a great toy for this age group and is great for children to try out their archery skills.

Lalaloopsy Girls 

Lalaloopsy Girls Mittens Fluff and Stuff

I’m sure you’ve heard of Lalaloopsy. This is the new range for slightly older girls and is a big hit with Jadyn and her friends.

Zoomer Zuppie


The Zoomer Zuppie is a lovely interactive little dog perfect for keeping your girl entertained.

Crayola Colour Marker Maker

74-7054-U_Marker Maker_HR_Front_UKVWho would not want to be able to make their own markers from scratch? Definitely one that will keep her occupied way into the New Year.

Board games

 These are actually for the entire family but are great for sleepovers and play dates. These games are fun and can keep the children going for hours on end.


Shout montage new LR (1)

SHOUT! is this year’s brilliant new team game from Drumond Park. The sturdy stand acts as a timer, keeps the score and holds the super-sized cards, each of which displays nine linked quirky questions and cunning challenges. Each round, when it’s your team’s turn, everyone plays together, trying to shout out all nine solutions before the time is up – making connections between what you see on the card and what the answers are likely to be. SHOUT! rrp £29.99, age 12+

Logo Grab

LOGO Grab montage HR

New LOGO Grab (rrp £14.99, age 8+) is the latest game in the ultra-popular Number One best-selling LOGO series. It’s a fast-paced card and dice game of ‘roll, spot and grab’ where it’s the DICE you lunge for, not the card. But if the bell jingles, that’s not Santa – you lose a card!

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