Christmas Family Walk at Ruislip Lido

This year, we aim to do more of these – family walks, that is. There are so many wonderful places to visit in the UK and most of them are perfect for walks.

As with most new years, we tend to try and get healthy with healthy eating and exercise. This year, we are determined to keep up with it and the best way to do it is to go on walks at the weekend. It’s also perfect for getting the children outdoors and off their devices not to mention getting up close and personal with nature.

On the 26th, we headed off to the Ruislip Lido. It was a cool, crisp morning. The sun was up and the lake looked beautiful.

The walk took us about 40 minutes and is about 1.6 miles. The 40 minutes is due to the fact that we stopped several times to look at the ‘planets’ and to take pictures. We also stopped on the ‘beach’.

Walk the Planets is something new to be introduced and it gives information on all the planets in the solar system beginning with the sun.

It is a lovely walk and is perfect for little ones too as it is easily doable. The path is not steep and the views are lovely.



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