Christmas Digital Detox Challenge – How Did I Do?

I was invited to take part in a very interesting challenge – one I thought I would never be able to commit to. Switching off from the digital world for 2 whole days in preparation for Christmas and Boxing Day. This was a collaboration with Punkt and Time to Log Off.

They are promoting a campaign of giving the gift of your presence this Christmas.


If you know me, you will probably know that I am almost constantly online. I check emails and blog and am busy with social media all through the day. It’s crazy. My son tells me I never stop working and it’s true. I’m addicted to what I do.

How would I ever survive 2 days of going offline?

My days are busy – I’m on the go.  I work online through the day and of course there’s all the housework in between, which tends to take second place (more likely last place). I receive loads of emails a day – picking up on  ongoing campaigns, new opportunities and then replying to ones that need them.

Besides that I am on Facebook – truly more for work than to be social.

48 hours offline – was a tall order for me.


It didn’t mean I was not contactable. I was sent a very lovely phone to use to text and make and receive calls. It took me back a bit to the first mobile phone I had – a Nokia phone (I can’t remember the model number now). Of course, this one is sleeker and better looking.


I was also sent a notebook to write down my thoughts and I actually realised how much I loved writing. (literally)

In the package there were some colour pencils that got me back to my adult colouring book and the day was about me.

It felt good to be doing something that wasn’t online. I felt more connected with myself. My thoughts were free and I didn’t feel the need to complete a post and rush through them.

My son often tells me ‘You’re always working’ and with the two days spent detoxing digitally, I know I should do it more often. I know that after realising that I can do it, I will.

I’m looking forward to logging off over the Christmas season and it’s probably going to be more than just 2 days. I think the best present anyone can give someone else is their presence.


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3 thoughts on “Christmas Digital Detox Challenge – How Did I Do?

  1. So lovely that you were able to switch off for those 2 days; I didn’t quite manage it as well – there seems to be so much to do all the time! I’m looking forward to taking on the challenge on Christmas eve and day too.

  2. Similar experience when you lose or forget your phone. It’s panic for a few hours, but then it feels really refreshing, no wondering where you left your phone!
    I might down tools over Christmas too.

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