Christmas cupcakes with Cake Angels: Review

Christmas means baking – lots and lots of baking. There are so many things that can be made at this time of the year.

With the children, cupcakes are very, very popular so that is what we make most of.

cake angels

I received some products from Cake Angels to review and they all look so nice and Christmassy.

I received a Cupcake making kit and some decorations to add to cupcakes or other delights.

We tried out the Cupcake making kit first and to be honest, I was wondering how it would taste as I have tried out some cupcake kits which I have not found to be very tasty.

Cake Angels1

The instructions were easy – just add butter, an egg and water. Here I made a small change and I added some milk and water. Mix and then bake for 12 – 15 minutes. The cakes were ready in 14 minutes.

The result – soft fluffy cupcakes with just the right sweetness.

We waited for the cakes to cool and then came the best part – we decorated them. With the cupcake set, there were sprinkles so we used that to decorate the cakes. Since we were also sent a few other decorations we used some presents and silver balls and snowmen to decorate the rest.

cake angels 2

The children were thrilled and some have been added to the lunch box as dessert.

The cupcake making set was super easy to use and the cakes came out really well. As you can see, the cakes also look delicious and I can assure you that they taste absolutely delectable.

The products are especially lovely to use while baking with children.

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