Christmas Crafts with Gel-A-Peel

It’s getting to that time of the year when we need to get the decorations up. I love the tradition of everyone putting the tree up together and just spending family time together.

This year, we’ve also been able to make our own decorations – thanks to Gel-A-Peel.

We’ve reviewed a few Gel-A-Peel packs but this one has been the most fun.

We were sent some snowmen and gingerbread men to decorate and we had so much fun doing these.

If you don’t know about Gel-A-Peel, they are these super cool tubes of gel which can be used to create things like bracelets and other 3D crafts.

We love working with Gel-A-Peel and this time we were thrilled to produce some Christmas decorations with them.

The children had a lovely time making these and it all helped us to get into the festive spirit.

We also got a bit competitive and thought we’d judge the best.

Jadyn won hands down I think. I love her gingerbread craft.

Gel-A-Peel is so versatile and you can make jewellery or decorate your own stuff to personalise it as you like.

Have you ever tried Gel-A-Peel?


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