Christmas come early? Santa’s Rooftop Scramble Review

Is it too early for Santa to be out delivering presents? Apparently not!

Because the 3 elves, Hubs and I have been busy racing to get presents delivered since last Saturday. And from the looks of it, we are going to be doing this almost every evening.


 Santa’s Rooftop Scramble is definitely set to be a top game for the family. From the house of Ravensburger, this family board game will definitely keep you and yours entertained for hours on end.

The aim of the game? To deliver as many presents on the lists that are given to you. Take a shot at being Santa in this delightful game.


 The games includes 

  • The game board
  • 6 Santa pieces
  • 28 surprise cards
  • 28 transport cards
  • 65 list cards
  • 1 die
  • 1 spinner

You need to set up the game first and the children enjoyed punching out the game pieces and setting up the spinner. They found that bit quite exciting so what more the game?

You start by dealing out 5 cards to each player. These are your lists and they have on it the name or names of children to whom you have to deliver either a bike, doll, train set, games, console, teddy bear or a surprise.

To begin the game, spin the spinner. If it lands on a particular product and you have it on your list, pick the token up from the box and keep it on your card list. If you land on a Santa, you get to pick up all the gifts at once. Well, he is Santa isn’t he?

Each player takes it in turns to spin until each has collected the gifts on their list.

Once you have collected the gifts on the list, you can place your Santa on the start position and begin.

The game is simple – throw the dice and move the number of spaces as shown on it. If you land on a house number where you are supposed to deliver presents, do so. Remember you can only deliver one at a time so you will have to wait your turn to deliver the next present.

If you land on ‘Transport’ you need to pick a transport card and follow what the card says. Likewise if you land on ‘Surprise’ you need to pick a surprise card. If you land on Late Letter – you need to pick another letter and then spin the spinner again to get the present on the card.


We all joined in while playing the game and we found it really enjoyable. It does not take too long so it gets boring but neither is it too short that it ends before it even starts, if you know what I mean!

The game is for children aged 5+ but my son who is 4 had a nice time joining in. It is also great for him to learn his numbers as the house numbers are not in order and you need to read the numbers.

The game involves more luck than skill which makes it a great game for all ages above 5.

Anything ‘Santa’ is a big hit in our home and we all love Christmas so this game has been great for getting into the Christmas spirit early this year. We have been making our Christmas lists and deciding to be nice instead of being naughty, so Santa definitely makes a stop at our house. We have also being playing it almost every day since we received it and the children are not bored of it and that speaks volumes (my elder two are easily bored!)


The board game is of good quality as one expects from Ravensburger and the pieces and the board are well made and not flimsy so I guess it will last a long time.

I definitely recommend getting one for Christmas.  Six players can play at one time so it will be fun to get the whole family involved over the season. In fact, I would suggest you get one now so you can get into the spirit of Christmas and make a head start at delivering presents.

I would say every house needs Santa all year round – what do you think?

Check out this fun You Tube video…

Disclosure: I received this product for an honest review. All opinions and ideas are completely my own.

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