Christmas…but not as we may know it…

Christmas is a lovely time – my favourite time of year. It is filled with cheer, goodwill and happiness in most homes. But there are people who may not be celebrating this year because of their circumstances and this is what my poem reflects. In the deep darkness of hopelessness, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and with the New Year looming, it’s always nice to look forward to new beginnings and happier times.

The tree ornamental  
The fireside gay, 
The festive feast  
On the table lay 
The tinsel, the glitter, 
The fairy, the star, 
The loving embraces 
The visits from far. 
The presents, the laughter  
The carols of old… 
The pain, the sorrow,    
The hunger, the cold. 
The shattered heart, 
The battered face, 
An empty soul, 
A darkened place. 
A mirror, a stranger, 
Not far from danger. 
A stirring, a calling, 
A scene appalling. 
A life – less lived, 
A love – less torn, 
A will to survive 
To be reborn. 
A New Day 
A Head Start… 
A New Year 
A strong Heart. 

 Copyright @JacintaZechariah 26.12.2014


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