Choosing the right bed for the family

 As your brood begins to grow and your children start to get a little bit older, there’s a lot to think about as far as the bedroom situation is concerned. Is it time to move my little one’s cot into his or her own bedroom? Can my children share a bedroom? Can I afford to refurnish my house? With the little ones and your own personal needs in mind, there are many things to consider when it comes to choosing the right bed for your family.

Bunking up

If you’re pushed for space at home and have more than one growing child or another one on the way, you may have to consider sharing bedrooms for young children. This can be a great way for brothers and sisters to bond and can re-affirm bedroom routines, and bunk beds are the perfect solution to making bed time fun. Think of the games you and your children can play, and the easier time you will have by using the top bunk as an incentive. For example, if you want to encourage your children to eat their vegetables or finish their homework, you could try and reward them by saying things like: “first one to finish their homework gets the top bunk!”


Super soft

Another thing for you to consider when buying a bed for your family is the mattress. This is more than just a concern for the elderly or those with back problems – a soft but supportive mattress will also improve your children’s sleep cycle. If your little one complains of an uncomfortable mattress and you cannot afford to purchase a new one, you could compromise with mattress toppers, which provide an extra layer of soft comfort for even the most fussy of sleepers. What’s more, with today’s modern technology, mattress toppers are often made with heat sensitive memory foam material, which will mould to your child’s body and guarantee them a good night’s sleep. If you need some inspiration, there’s a great bedstar linkhere which can guide you on the best product.


One for mum and dad

Once you’ve got the kids sorted, don’t forget that it’s important to think about yourself too – what use are happy children if their parents are still suffering sleepless nights? Talk with your partner about what kind of mattress suits you, and if you’re really stuck for inspiration, try looking for larger king size beds, or really experiment with a water bed – just make sure the kids aren’t present when you’re filling it up. With so many bed choices to choose from nowadays, there’s no reason why you and your family can’t guarantee a great night’s rest.

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