How to choose a rug for your home

With the cold weather setting in, it may be the best time to think of getting some rugs for the home. What could be better than sinking your feet into some pile! No doubt, most houses have carpeted flooring especially in the bedrooms but I have been noticing that more and more homes are going in for wooden / laminate flooring.

Nothing brings home that warm cozy look than a rug. Of course, the problem is which rug is the most suitable?

Since the family home involves many people with different tastes living in it, it is best to involve everyone in the rug choosing process. I can tell you, there’s nothing harder than choosing a rug.

Here are my suggestions on what to keep in mind when choosing a rug –

Take into account the colour theme of the room – you need to either blend in the colour of the rug or go for a complete contrast. It all depends on whether your rug is to be a statement rug or an elegant blend of the surroundings.

What is the room used for – A living room for a family may be more than just a living room. Children may play in it and eat it in and this would mean you need to avoid light colours as spills would show. You may also need to consider shorter pile as it makes for easier cleaning. Bedrooms may need thicker pile and warmer shades.

Classic or contemporary – The more classic Persian rugs look stunning and can indeed add richness to the setting. But paired with contemporary furniture and a minimalist style, it may look totally out of place. Modern rugs are so much more suitable as they are more arty (if you know what I mean). They come in subtler shades and designs and could fit a number of rooms. For example we had a lovely red Persian rug that looks gorgeous but then we shifted home and it didn’t go at all with the green carpets!

Suggestions from everyone in the family – As mentioned earlier, take into account everyone’s tastes. From the bizarre to the muted, you could end up with very interesting rugs. Let the children choose rugs for their own rooms – what could be nice for you may not be for them.

Is a rug only for wooden flooring? Definitely not!

Carpeted flooring is also perfect for rugs. A runner in the hallway perhaps? Always seems to add length and elegance. A rug under a coffee table? Perfectly sets off a room.

It’s amazing how much time goes into choosing a rug. We’ve been rug shopping on a number of occasions only to come back empty handed because we have’t found something suitable. There’s so much of choice out there too making it difficult to decide on the perfect one. Will it be square or rectangular? Or maybe even a circular rug may take your fancy?

How do you go about choosing a rug? Do you also find it hard to decide?





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