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I have been chosen this year to be a Bostik Craft Blogger and this is the first box I received. We love crafting at home but I honestly don’t do as much as I would like to with the children. Being a Bostik Craft blogger will ensure that we spend time away from our gadgets and get creative.

Chinese New Year has special meaning for me. My mother was Chinese and we celebrated some traditions with family and friends.

One of my earliest and best moments of Chinese New Year was the wonderful 10 course(at least) meal, we would have over at my uncle’s house.

And then to top that, we would get these little ‘red packets’ that contained money. We would look out for these as these normally contained a good sum as we grew older. And yes, each uncle and aunt would give us one.

You can’t really have Chinese New Year crafts without making a lantern. There are many ways of doing this but I particularly like this one as it makes a very pretty decorative piece.

It’s super easy to do.

You will need:

  • 2 sheets of card (2 different colours)
  • Bostik Glue Dots or Foam Pads
  • Decorations to stick on – glitter, lace etc


Make a tube with card. I used gold.

Fold another card in half and make slits leaving an inch from the top.

Stick the card piece onto the tube leaving an inch from the top or bottom.

jan5Decorate the lantern as you like.

We also made some pretty bracelets that have the  Chinese word ‘Yang’  – which is the general term used for the goat/sheep/ram.

jan2 I do love the Chinese script – it is so artistic.


It’s really easy to write it. Make two slanting dashes. The a slightly upward horizontal dash. Below that, another smaller dash and then a longer dash. Finish with a vertical stroke down the middle of the lines.

We then stuck on some decorations using the Bostik Foam pads and glu dots. It was so easy to do and mess free (no glue going all over the place). Ethan decided that he had to stick a sheep on his bracelet!!

The kids had a wonderful time and we are looking forward to our next challenge which has a Valentine theme.

Disclaimer: I received a crafting box from Bostik as part of the Tots 100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club.



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