Chill Factor Drinks Bottle Review

With the weather seemingly hotting up,(well it was and now it looks like an eternal spring), this review seems the best thing we’ve had recently.

The Chill Factor Water Bottle has been reached for many times since we got especially on those recent, rare, hot days. I think after so much of cool weather even 16 degrees gets you parched!! 🙂


The bottle works on the same premise as the other bottles. You have an inner part that you need to freeze for about 4 hours. I prefer to put this in overnight and it gets really frozen.

Pop this into the bottle and fill with water until just below the holes at the top.

Squeeze the bottle for about 30 seconds. You will notice the bottle changing colour – mine change from an aqua blue to a dark blue. This lets you know that your water is cold and the colour slowly changes back as you drink or as it gets warmer.


Sip the water through the straw or through the spout.



The water I must tell is cold and perfect for a warm day. I’m pretty addicted to it myself.

The bottle is not suitable for carbonated drinks which is a great thing and I have not attempted putting juice into it. I maintain it as a magic water bottle and somehow the children are quite happy to drink lots of water. I have less requests for juice.

The added top collar ensures that the water does not spill.

It holds a good 600ml of water so it’s great to take if you are going to the park or for a short drive.

It is BPA free so that’s another great feature of the bottle.

The Chill Factor Drink Bottle is available at retailers like Character, Argos and Amazon and is priced at £12.99


I know, come summer, I am going to have to get another one at least for the house.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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