#ChileanEasyPeeler Challenge

The moment I see Aeryn at pick up, she asks me what I have in my bag. She’s always hungry  after school and she knows I carry a snack for her and Ethan.
In fact most parents have a little something for their children to eat after school.

For me, it’s usually a sweet treat but more recently I have been carrying fruit. One – because the kids love it and Two – it’s healthy. Three – if any mums are looking it makes me look good. Healthy eating and all that.

If it’s fruit, it has to be an easy peeler. They are easy to carry as they are small and they are not messy.

The kids enjoy them and on a hot day I chill them a bit. They taste delicious cold as they are so juicy. And they are sweet!

In fact, these easy peelers have special meaning to me. When I was pregnant with my oldest, I had a craving for…you guessed it – easy peelers. I found the taste to be tangy and sweet at the same time and I loved the scent of them. No wonder we all love them especially Jadyn. I did have loads of them during my pregnancy.


These easy peelers are perfect for lunch boxes too as they can be peeled without help and are seedless too. And there’s no need to chop or cut which saves me time when preparing packed lunches.

They contain 87 % water keeping one  hydrated too.

Easy peelers are low in calories, fat and a good provider of vitamins and minerals.

I leave a note in Jadyn’s packed lunch on days that she has exams or is auditioning for something important. These are ideal for this as I don’t need to hunt for paper but can quickly scribble something on it with marker. So handy! And Jadyn looks forward to the messages too.

Personally I find these great as a snack and I keep a couple near me when working. So much healthier than chocolate and I don’t feel guilty about over- indulging.

Do you like easy peelers? Do your kids love them too?


This post is an entry for the BritMums #ChileanEasyPeelers Challenge, sponsored by Citrus Fruits from Chile.



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