Children’s thoughts about money…

Pocket money is something I remember getting and what I spent buying books (I love reading).

I do give my children pocket money but it is something that is more related to good behaviour and helping out. Yes, I do make them earn it!  No, I do not make them into modern day Cinderellas! 🙂

I think all parents have different ideas about pocket money and to me, the idea of giving children pocket money is teaching them how to earn it and hence appreciate it more. My children are careful about spending their pocket money and it is kept in their piggy banks most of the time. Every time they want to buy something and we count out how much they are going to be taking out of their ‘savings’, they put it right back and decide that they don’t really require it. Thrifty, aren’t they?

I think it is important for children to learn about money and spending wisely and more importantly to learn to save.

We recently had an opportunity, thanks to BritMums and NatWest to take part in a in a filming to launch the NatWest First Saver Accounts for children under 16. This was a good opportunity for me to discuss money with Jadyn and introduce her to terms like interest, savings accounts, minting money etc. She already knows about different notes and likes the red one.

With the First Saver Account with Natwest, the child is also lucky to get a Pigby and Friends piggy bank which has been created by the creators of ‘Wallace and Gromit’. Aardman Animations, also famous for Shaun the Sheep and Morph, has taken inspiration from NatWest’s iconic savings pigs from the 1980s to create six new characters to help children learn about saving money.

Do watch this video as it brings to light what children think of when it concerns things like where money comes from, the cost of houses and what they would buy if they have money.

Disclosure: This post was written in association with NatWest and BritMums.

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