Check your kid’s style quotient

Parents want their kids to be fashionable and have a great dressing sense. If you are one of them, here are some fashion tips to up your kids’ Style Quotient.

1. Patterns, design and prints: If you have a daughter, be sure that you choose clothes which are not too simple. Having some patterns, designs or prints on the dresses make an impact. This is true for boys even. Simple looks good, but add to it a cool design and it will look better. If you are unable to find clothes with great designs or patterns, check for photius nordstrom coupon code. This store has a big collection so that you find the best dress for your little ones.

2. Colors: Dull is never a choice until the theme demands. Dresses should always have bright colors. At the same time, it is said that bright colors help brighten the mood too. So, choose dresses with bright colors.

3. Check the fit: If the dress is amazing but doesn’t fit your kids, then it is of no use. This is because your kid will look out of shape, and the style quotient will be down drastically. Also, if your kid is active, there is a possibility of accidents happening because of a poorly fitting dress.

4. Don’t do too much: A kid with too many accessories is a disaster. Limit the count and be sure you are not overdoing things. With too many accessories, there is always a danger of poking, swallowing and hurting other kids while roaming around with them. So, let them wear two or three (max) accessories and make it look elegant, not stuffed.

5. Match the following? No please: Parents, especially mommies, love to buy clothes and accessories for their kids that are matching. This is okay at times but in most of the cases, it is a big NO! Check for yourself. Don’t claim it to be cute. Add sense to it. Being fashionable is all about making sense with what you wear and what you make your kids wear.

6. Check the event before getting a dress for them: In a number of awkward situations, it is seen that kids are not dressed for the occasion. Being fancy is not appreciated by others, all the time. So, know the occasion and dress your kid accordingly.

7. Activity Dress: If your kid is going out to play in the park, dress them in a way that they look good and, at the same time, are safe. Ill fitted shoes, again, should be prevented. They might look good for a moment, but if your kid is out to play, it pulls down the style quotient. Here are some nordstrom discount coupons to help you buy the best products for your kids.

8. Comfort and ease: ‘That dress is itchy, but let my kid where it for some time. It will look good on them.’ Don’t do this! If the dress is uncomfortable, the kid tends to be temperamental and fussy.

So, note these points and before purchasing clothes for your kids,keep them in mind.

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