Chatty Charlie from Hasbro’s FurReal Friends Range – Review

You may have read my recent post about our visit to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. It was amazing to meet Chatty Charlie – the Barking Beagle from Hasbro’s FurReal Friends range there.

We also got a Chatty Charlie of our own to review and so far it has gone down well with the kids.

First of all, Charlie is quite adorable. He has a black and brown coat and white paws and lovely soft beagle ears. His large green eyes are ever so beautiful.

Charlie is VERY chatty – hence the name. He chats all the time and can be quite the companion. He is also quite funny as he does and says so many hilarious things.

Charlie hides his eyes with his long ears and says he’s invisible or he trumps and hides his face with his ears in supposed embarrassment but then proceeds to ask if it’s you.

Did I say he can move his ears? Yes, he can. All the while that he talks, he moves his ears just like a dog cocks up it’s ears.

He has 3 sensors – his back, his ears and collar.

Charlie has a blue collar that lights up and as per instructions ‘translates’ from dog language to human language. A good touch to it as you can give that very explanation to a child who asks how the dog talks.

He can also wag his tail – like dogs do when they are happy.

His front legs are posable and this means that you can carry him on your shoulder like a real puppy. Charlie also loves cuddles which is a good thing as mine love to cuddle him. He can tilt his head but can’t move it around. That would have been an added appeal, I think.

We love playing with Charlie and his endless chatter. He does have an On-Off Switch though.

Partnering with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

The best part is that Hasbro has partnered with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to help people better understand the rehoming process. Spearheaded by FurReal Friends Chatty Charlie The Barkin’ Beagle and his best friend Conker, Hasbro’s support highlights the importance of rehoming rescue animals at one of the UK’s oldest and most famous animal rescue centres.

Chatty Charlie retails at £60 and is available at all major toy retailers like Smyths 


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3 thoughts on “Chatty Charlie from Hasbro’s FurReal Friends Range – Review

  1. Oh my how cool is Chatty Charlie! He looks like an ideal substatute for kids who can’t have pets. My youngest is allergic to dog fur so we can’t have a dog sadly. I might look at getting her Chatty Charlie instead.

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