Cerakook Ceramic Knives


I love cooking and more importantly love using the proper implements while doing so. There is nothing better than having a sharp, high quality knife to help in the process. So you love to cook for the home or would love to be a chef? This announcement is for you….

Cerakook is launching their brand in the UK.


These high quality Ceramic knives are made from an advanced ceramic called Zirconia. There are black and white blades available with the black blades undergoing additional firing to make it even harder. These knives come with sheaths to protect the blades and make them longer lasting.

Ceramic knives retain their sharpness longer than steel knives and with proper care you should be able to use it without re-sharpening for years.

Cerakook aims to make ceramic knives affordable to everybody while maintaining the high quality. These knives are perfect for cutting fruits, vegetable, meat and fish without bones.

You can pre-order these excellent knives and knife sets from the Cerakook website at www.cerakook.comas delivery will only be by the end of November. To compensate for this wait, Cerakook is offering you a 15 – 20% discount on all products. This promotion is available until the end of November so get your hands on these great knives at a great deal as soon as possible.


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