Celebrity Mum of the Year – Who will you vote for?

I marvel at these celebrity mums. They always seem so well put together and manage to be awesome mums too. I’m mostly pulling a quick brush through my hair and running after my kids in a state – sometimes with a shoestrap undone and having forgotten a million things.

I do follow the stories of the celebrity mums too especially Kate Middleton – she looks ever so lovely all the time. And I was super glad to see that even her children have a tantrum or two. Who’s my favourite? That’s a tough one but it’s probably Kate. 

The shortlist for the ‘3D-lipo Celebrity Mum Of The Year Award 2017’, has been announced, with the British public nominating some of their most-loved celebrity mums.
This year’s full list for the 16th annual accolade includes:
  • Amal Clooney
  • Amy Childs
  • Anna Saccone-Joly
  • Binky Felstead
  • Cheryl Tweedy
  • Coleen Rooney
  • Emily Andre
  • Faryal Makhdoom
  • Geri Horner
  • Kate Middleton
From Vlogger and mum-of-three Anna Saccone-Joly to our pregnant Princess Kate, the nominated celebrity mums have a wide range of experience between them, all bringing a multitude of parenting skills to the table. 
With mums who have decided to have children later in life getting a look in this year, Geri Horner (44) has already expressed her desire for more children, and Amal Clooney (39) is keeping up with a pair of newborn twins who are rumoured to make their A-list father cry every day! 
Liverpool’s sweetheart, Coleen Rooney, has seen her fair share of heartache this year, with rumours of her husband’s infidelity following her around as the kids headed back to school. Would a Celebrity Mum win be a much-needed boost to our lovely Coleen?
On the subject of scorned women, Faryal Makhdoom, Amir Khan’s pregnant (and soon-to-be ex) wife also makes the nominations list after a very public fight across social media. Faryal has since reportedly told friends she’ll raise their second child without any help. 
Amy Childs makes her debut on the nominations list, having welcomed her first child in April this year, her beautiful baby girl Polly. Amy has a fantastic talent for juggling parenting and her career, ensuring everything at the salon runs smoothly, and posting thoughtful advice videos for new parents to help them on their journey.
Cheryl Tweedy has welcomed her first child this year with Liam Payne, and has kept their new-born, Bear, out of the public eye for his protection. However Cheryl has recently been spotted flaunting her flawless abs, bouncing right back into the spotlight!
Returning to the nominations list this year is Emily Andre, whose husband Peter has won Celebrity Dad twice in the past – will she have the competitive edge to start catching up with him?
Made in Chelsea’s Binky Felstead had her first child with co-star Josh Patterson this year, a baby girl named India, and documented her journey on Channel 4’s Born In Chelsea, giving fans everywhere an insight into what to expect…when you’re expecting. 
Starting today until Friday 13th October, the British public can vote for the celebrity they think is the most deserving of the award at http://www.3d-lipo.co.uk/celebrity-mum-of-the-year-2017/ 
There is also a dedicated Twitter hashtag, which is #CelebMumOfTheYear. 
Roy Cowley, Managing Director for 3D-lipo commented: “Being a mum is a juggling act between career and valuable family time. At 3D-lipo, we want to recognise the celebrities who are admired by the public for doing a great job of being a parent, whether new to the role or well experienced in motherhood – and that is exactly what the 3D-lipo Celebrity Mum Of The Year Award sets out to celebrate every year.”

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Mum of the Year – Who will you vote for?

  1. I think I would vote for Kate Middleton, I love how natural she is with them! It’s a great list to pick from though

  2. Ok, I will vote for Amal Clooney for mom of the year! Not only is she an incredible poised and beautiful woman, but an amazing attorney for human rights!

  3. I’m a big fan of the royal family so I’d probably vote for Kate, but I also enjoy watching Anna Saccone-Joly. I enjoy seeing her vlogs and I think she does a great job of raising her family.
    I’m pretty rubbish with following celebrities, I don’t actually know who most of the woman are on the shortlist. Also, I did not know Cheryl Tweedy had had a baby 😀 Must emerge from under this rock!

  4. Not sure who I would vote for out of this list to be honest… we know nothing about Cheryl Cole.. has she even been seen in public with her kid? haha I do like Geri Horner and it’s fab she wants more kids even though shes 44 (there’s hope for me yet). I love keeping up with Binky from MIC but that’s because I watch the show.. I think I would go for her! x

  5. I love Kate Middleton and the royals in general but always find it difficult with Celebrity Mum of the Year as none of us truly know what they are like as parents!

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