Celebrating summer at Westfield London

My girls love going shopping. My son drags his feet. Unless, of course, we are going to Westfield. He loves it there because it houses his favourite shops – Disney and Lego and recently we’ve added Kidzania to the list.

I believe that a shopping centre can be quite a nice day out for the family.

For one, it’s indoors/covered so there is no chance of weather playing spoilsport.

Two, there’s always lots to see and do and…buy!



We were recently invited to Westfield London and I jumped at the opportunity. When I told the children we were going, they decided to count out their pocket money from their piggy banks and take it along to spend. I think it’s great when children go shopping with their own money as it teaches them the value of money (and how it doesn’t go very far these days).

Westfield London is located near Shepher’s Bush Tube and bus station so it’s easy to get to. It houses a huge amount of shops catering to every pocket. There are designer shops as well as other high street stores and department stores like M&S, Next and John Lewis.

We spent our time looking around and the children decided to spend their money in the Disney Store. I liked how they were trying to get the most value for their money and tool some time before finally making their choice.


There is a food court with different world cuisine as well as independent restaurants. We usually visit Pizza Express or Nandos and the Food court has an amazing Fish and Chip shop where a child’s meal will set you back only about £5. We had lunch at Nandos. Their chicken is delicious.


Kidzania is the new happening place for children and the kids had a lovely time trying out the various trades. They enjoyed the surgery unit the most. You can quite easily spend more than 4 hours there. I liked the system of only allowing a certain number of people in at a time. It means that everyone has a chance to try out a good number of experiences.



We had a lovely day shopping there and though there were quite a few people there, it was not overcrowded. There are seating areas at regular intervals and you can sit and rest your tired feet after being dragged around the shops. There are also events being held from time to time so there’s always entertainment around. I remember once there was dancing in the foyer, where couples were tangoing and waltzing. This time there was this for the children in keeping with school holidays.


I’m sure we’ll be making a trip there again soon – like this weekend.



There’s lots happening this weekend at Westfield Stratford so you may want to make a trip there.

What’s your experience of going shopping with the family? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know.

Disclaimer: I was given a £50 gift card to spend at Westfield. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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