Celebrating National Chocolate Day with Num Noms

Britain celebrates the most delightful days. Today is National Chocolate Day  –  one I celebrate wholeheartedly. We do have a range of chocolate that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else.

Obviously being National Chocolate Day, we were asked to collaborate with none other than Num Noms. You’ve definitely heard of them, right here on my blog for instance. But in case you haven’t, Num Noms are scented food related collectibles. Being food related, most are desserts and they smell amazing.

There are different series available and so far, we’re up to Series 4. I do believe Series 5 is due this year and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

There are baked goods, cookies, doughnuts and savoury foods like sushi too. From what I’ve seen there are two parts to them – the Num (food related squishy collectibles) and the Noms (erasers, lip gloss, nail polish etc)

They are ever so cute. I can see why they are such a big hit with kids.

We were sent a chocolate kit and some Num Noms from Series 4 to celebrate National Chocolate Day.

Aeryn was thrilled to be able to make chocolate cake and then try and decorate it like a Num Nom. She did get a bit carried away!

The set we were sent was one that Aeryn has already so we are going to give that to one of her friends – I’ve sure she’ll just love it. We have reviewed it here, if you want to check it out.

We received two blind packs too and she happened to have the same Num Nom in both of them but one part of it was different and she received some nail polish so she was pleased.

Do you have a little one who is crazy about Num Noms? How many do you have at home?

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