Celebrating National Allotment Week with Kenwood Blend Xtract Sport

With it being National Allotment Week, it’s all about growing your own vegetables, fruits and flowers. I would love to have an allotment and grow my own veggies and fruits and be able to make meals and smoothies with them.

In fact, I do try and grow some at home  – chillies, basil and  strawberries.

Anyway, to make my own smoothies, I was sent this great Kenwood Blend Xtract Sport and I’ve been enjoying making healthy drinks all weekend.


The Blend Xtract includes 2 x 0.6l bottles that are perfect for taking to work and getting the benefits of that healthy smoothie. It has a great wide spout too – ideal for smoothies.

It has a 300W power motor that great not only for smoothies but also for soups and batters.

I like the 2 speed pulse that allows one to blend rough or smooth. You can use the ‘low’ function to break up the ingredients especially if you are using frozen ingredients and then turn it on ‘high’.

There is no particular ice blend function but you can crush ice.

It’s really easy to use and since it has a smoothie ready in no time, it’s a great kitchen gadget to have at home.

I tried the Very Berry Smoothie and it was delicious – it was a combination of raspberries, cranberry juice, apple juice and blackberries. I do want to try the Salsa smoothie as it sounds delicious.

The Kenwood Blend Xtract Sport is priced at £34.98 and is good value for money. There are loads of recipes to try out in the instruction manual and more on the Kenwood website

I was sent the Kenwood Blend Xtract Sport for a review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

30 thoughts on “Celebrating National Allotment Week with Kenwood Blend Xtract Sport

  1. I hadn’t realised it was National Allotment Week! That looks like a fab product – the 2 speed pulse sounds like a really handy feature

  2. Oh I do love a good smoothie – even better with your own produce! We’ve been growing strawberries, blackberries and raspberries this year. Sadly not enough yet to fill a smoothie haha.

  3. That looks perfect for smoothies! I love that it can crush ice too. I’d love an allotment, planting and watching things grow then being able to eat them seems such an ideal way of life.

  4. I have a mini allotment in my garden but it hasn’t quite worked for me. I’ve managed to grow my own grapes and rhubarb though, so thats good enough for me. I also have a Kenwood blender, not this one but my Kenwood is really good 🙂

  5. I’ve always liked the idea of having my own allotment!
    You’ve just inspired me to get down my smoothie maker 🙂

    Dani x

  6. My uncle used to grow strawberries and they were delicious. I’d love to have my own little vegetable patch and herb garden.

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