Celebrating Father’s Day at Pizza Express

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow and what better way to celebrate than head over to Pizza Express for a lovely family meal?

We celebrated a day early and we had a wonderful time.

We all enjoy visiting Pizza Express – the kids absolutely love it and can eat there every day if given half a chance. We were delighted to be able to try the new Spring/Summer menu too.

Doughballs are a huge favourite so Aeryn ordered those and we chose to order the Antipasti so we could share.

If you’ve had the Antipasti before, it is now a new recipe and we loved the roquito peppers and the garlic bread too. There’s a lot to go around and is easily shared between 4 people.

For the mains, we decided to try the new Zapparoli Romana pizza which is just ‘YUM’ and being a huge seafood fan, I decided to try the Seafood Rigatoni which had fish and prawns in a creamy white sauce. Hubs decided on the Calabrese – a delightfully spicy pizza.


You can never be too full for dessert but we were so we chose to share two desserts. Unfortunately the new one that I was looking forward to wasn’t available – Lemon Bundt Cake. I guess I’ll just have to go back again. But we did try the Chocolate Fondant and the Vanilla Cheesecake. The chocolate fondant was delicious as usual and so was the Cheesecake. I just love the Vanilla Cheesecake served in Pizza Express. Of course, my all time favourite remains the Panna Cotta which I don’t see on the menu any more.

If you are looking for somewhere to go to celebrate your Dad – Pizza Express is the perfect place to do so. The atmosphere is ideal for families and the service is great with the staff on hand and very friendly.

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