Celebrating Britain’s Classroom Heroes at the Pearson Teaching Awards

We all buy our teachers presents for Christmas and the end of the year – it’s our way of saying ‘thank you’. We write Thank You cards and it’s so befitting because teachers essentially take care of our children for majority of the week day. We do this because sometimes it’s just something that is a force of habit. Every so often though, a teacher comes along who goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that your child reaches maximum potential. These teachers are invaluable and I’m so glad that I was witness to see these teachers being felicitated.

On Sunday, I dressed up to attend the prestigious Pearson Teaching Awards. The Awards were held at East Wintergarden, a lush venue in central London. There was also dinner to follow.

What are the Pearson Teaching Awards?

The Pearson Teaching Awards celebrate and recognise excellence in education and seek to honour outstanding teachers. It highlights how important success in education is to the UK.

How it works…

The awards process starts with the ‘Thank a Teacher’ campaign which encourages children, students, parents, grandparents and colleagues to ‘thank a teacher’ who has helped them and made a difference in their life. A thank you card is sent free to each thanked teacher with a personalised message of thanks.

All ‘thank you’ nominations are then sent to the teacher’s headteacher, deputy or principal, who can enter that teacher for the Pearson Teaching Awards. Categories range from ‘Head Teacher of the Year in a Primary School’, ‘Head Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School’, ‘School Team of the Year’, ‘Outstanding Use of Technology in Education’ and the prestigious ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’. These entries are then shortlisted, and shortlisted teachers are visited by a team of judges who choose the Silver winners.

The Silver winners are announced on ‘Thank a Teacher’ day in June. Of these there is then a Gold Winner for each category. The Gold Winners are then announced at the grand finale Awards Ceremony which I had the opportunity to attend on Sunday.

The ceremony will be broadcast on Sunday, 29 October on BBC2 as ‘Britain’s Classroom Heroes’.

I think that the entire idea is so brilliant. It was so inspiring to watch videos of teachers going out of their way to make a difference in the lives of their students. And you could clearly see the positive impact they have had on the children and their families.

I’m going to nominate my children Reception teacher for the 2018 awards. She taught my two younger children and she was great with both of them. My younger two are very different in nature and she knew just how to get the best out of both of them. With Ethan, she was pretty sure that he had a problem with his hearing and sure enough, the hearing test proved it. She was supportive and ensured that she spoke to him always on the side of his good ear. Since the ‘glue ear’ was identified early, we were able to take measures to correct it and he was discharged within 6 months.

With Aeryn, she was firm, as being the baby of the family, she was ‘babied’ more than the others. The teacher was strict with her and brought out the best in her causing her to exceed the national standards in all her work.

I would love her to be recognised for the excellent work she does as she does go beyond for all the children in her class.

Do you have teacher that you would like to nominate for the Pearson Teaching Awards? You can do so at http://pearsonteachingawards.com/thank-a-teacher/

Don’t forget to tune in to BBC2 at 5pm this Sunday and watch Britain’s Classroom Heroes. It’s inspiring and there’s also a musical treat that you should not miss.

If you have a teacher in mind, do leave me a comment and let me know why you are nominating him/her. I’d love to know.


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