Celebrate Christmas with festive treats from Morrisons

I attended the BritMums Christmas event some time ago and was amazed by the lovely choice of decorations and food that Morrisons had to offer.

A few days later, I was sent some products to review.


The products came beautifully packaged and the children and I were quite happy to receive it. There were a number of products in it.


These Hello Kitty Christmas cards are perfect for children to write for their classmates. My 2 children have written the cards out and given them to their classmates for Christmas. There are also quite goof for attaching to a gift for Christmas.


These chocolate coins were what interested the children the most. They are nice to taste and being the Christmas season, I do allow them to have one every day. The children love the coins and they are quite tasty.


The Christmas pudding was rich and flavoursome and came out perfectly after following the instructions cooking/ steaming it.


This Star Topper Christmas mince pies making kit – we shall be trying out on the weekend but they look buttery and an sure will taste wonderful. I may not use traditional mince but may use chocolate and make an ultimum treat.


The Christmas tree cake pop kit was a big hit with the children.  They enjoyed making their own pops and I must say that they came out rather well. It was easy to make and did not take much time too.


If you like caramel popcorn, you will love this – salted caramel flavour pretzels. Jadyn is always asking for pretzels and was very pleased when she got to try these.


This rich fruit cake was delicious. We didn’t wait to try it and cut it for dessert. What I like about it is that the nuts balance the sweetness of the cake and the result is a cake that is rich and tasty but not too sweet.


You have definitely heard of Pigs in Blankets. Well, this is pigs and blankets and though I found them a little too salty for my taste, the children enjoyed eating these savoury delights.

The products were enjoyed by the entire family and Morrisons has a huge product line up for Christmas.


If you are looking for some Christmas treats this year that will appeal to one and all in the family, be sure to drop into a Morrisons store and check out their range.

Disclaimer: We were sent some products to review from the Morrisons Christmas range. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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