How You Can Keep Your Cool When Your Marriage Breaks Down

I think that anyone who enters into a marriage will intend for it to last. But it is a sad fact that divorce rates are rising, and more people are giving up on their relationships. There are many reasons for this, and everyone who has a relationship that breaks down will wholeheartedly believe it is […]

Recipe – Staffordshire Oatcakes

We’ve moved homes several times in the last 10 years – within countries and between countries. It’s been hard, new schools, new friends, new surroundings to adjust to. But, we’ve gained so much from it too. Besides all the excitement of moving and making new friends and learning new things, we’ve been able to acquire […]

Back To School with Crayola’s Take Note! Range

It’s that time of the year – back to school. Which also means that it’s time to get school supplies. Every year, the children are on the look out for new products that they can use during the school year. Every year Crayola is our go-to brand. This year Jadyn is a Sophomore and she’s […]

The Art of Racing in the Rain – Film Review

The Art of Racing in the Rain – it’s cliched, it’s predictable (that’s what I read in some reviews) but it also pulls at your heartstrings and is funny and uplifting (according to me) and those are the reasons why I definitely think you must watch it. When we saw the trailer for the film, […]