5 ways you can avoid being involved in a car accident

  No one likes the idea of being involved in a car accident. Sadly, even the most diligent and careful of drivers are at risk of being injured, having their car written off or even losing their lives to the reckless driving of someone else. We’re all familiar with the actions we need to take […]

5 Tips to Improve Customer Service in a Dental Practice

One of the most important factors in the success or failure of a dental practice is the quality of the customer service. If patients do not feel comfortable in your practice and in the company of your staff, they are unlikely to return and even less likely to recommend your practice to others. By ensuring […]

Review: Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise – Ultimate Surprise Egg from Zuru

I love unwrapping surprises. There’s just something about peeling off layers of wrapping that adds to the fun of gifting. Nowadays, there are so many toys that have this fun element where you peel off layers to reveal surprises in each one. We were sent a Rainbocorn Surprise from ZURU and Aeryn was more than […]