Bayala Mermaid with baby turtle in shell from Schleich – Review

We love anything to do with Schleich and we’ve been lucky to review quite a few products from the range. We were recently sent the Bayala Mermaid with baby Turtle set to review. Like all the other Schleich products, this one is lovely too. Here’s the story behind the mermaid in the shell – ‘On […]

Getting Creative with Glam Goo

Slime is the ‘In’ thing – or so I’m told. What fun then for Aeryn to be sent some Glam Goo – a very glamorous version of slime. The  Glam  Goo  Confetti  Pack  uses  exciting Fluffy  Slime  and  comes  with  two  wearable  accessories  to  store  your  slime   –   a  bow  bracelet  and  bunny  charm. […]