Project 365 – Week 16 : Days 102 – 108

Is it 1 week since our lovely trip to Cornwall already? This week has been uneventful in comparison. Day 102 On Sunday, we stayed at home and Ethan had a lovely time building his Lego Bionicle – Master of Fire. Day 103 Back to school today. Just didn’t feel like waking up. But we did […]

Project #365 – Week 15: Days 95 -101

Are we into the hundredth day of the year already? We have had an absolutely amazing week. I couldn’t choose which pictures to put up as there were so many lovely ones.   Day 95 Easter Sunday and it was all about Easter eggs and chocolates and a lovely roast lamb lunch prepared by Hubs. […]

Project #365 – Week 8 : Days 46 – 52

I had been looking forward to half term ever since we went back to school. Honestly. The bliss of not having to wake up early and run to school!! However, things were not as laid back as I thought and we had a fun-filled, very exciting week.  Day 46 We had a wonderful today at […]

Project #365 : Days 39 – 45 – Week 7

It’s almost half-term – the middle of February. I hope the weather holds and it’s as sunny as it was on Monday. This week, we’ve had some lovely products to review, done some great crafting and had a very successful piano examination. Day 39 Today we had a day of rest at home with a […]

Project 365 – Week 4: Days 18 – 24

Day 18 The highlight of the week was going to the gala screening of Disney’s Big Hero 6. We even got a picture with Baymax. Don’t miss the film! Day 19 Monday was a day like any other. But we had a lovely dinner of grilled chicken, baked wedges and salad. Day 20  We received […]

Project #365 – Week 3: Days 11 – 17

This week has been quite a good one actually. We have been out and about and received a rather lovely invitation too. We are waiting for snow. Can’t quite believe it’s the middle of January already.  Day 11 We started with going out on Sunday – our first event of the year- to a Mickey […]