Project 365 – Week 16 : Days 102 – 108

Is it 1 week since our lovely trip to Cornwall already? This week has been uneventful in comparison. Day 102 On Sunday, we stayed at home and Ethan had a lovely time building his Lego Bionicle – Master of Fire. Day 103 Back to school today. Just didn’t feel like waking up. But we did […]

I see faces in the rock wall. Do you see them?

This is a random one from our holidays. I saw faces in the rock wall. They are obviously naturally carved out. Can you see faces? How many can you see? Can you describe them? Let’s see how differently we see things… Leave me a comment and let me know what you see. 🙂

Really? – 19 February 2015 #SnapHappyBritMums

I have been doing the photo a day challenge and it’s so much fun that I thought I would join in the Snap Happy BritMums challenge. I had started some time last year and then got lost somewhere underneath all the other blogging bits. The weather was lovely last week and as we all know […]