Being a Mum in 2017…Am I ‘SICK’ or What!

I tell you it’s hard work. Being a mum in 2017 is REALLY hard work. It’s not the looking after the children – it’s the keeping up with them and all the ‘in’ things especially the manner of speaking. In my days, ‘Sick’ meant you were unwell or as we grew older – ‘Don’t be sick’ […]

Top tips on what to pack for your child’s first overnight school trip

What should you pack for your child’s first overnight school trip? An overnight school trip can be an exciting experience for your child, but stressful for you when thinking about what you should pack for them. Private and boarding schools, particularly, offer some memorable trip experiences for school children today, involving everything from water activities […]

Top Tips On Getting Your Child To Read

My children read. A LOT. And I’m really thrilled that they do. On our recent trip overseas, a family friend commented on how impressed she was to see all three children head deep in their books. Till she mentioned it, I didn’t realise how lucky I really am. In fact, I am very product that […]

Making the Right Secondary School Choice

It’s time to make that BIG decision. With the date for closing of applications drawing near for secondary school admissions, how do you know you are making the right choice? We were in this dilemma last year and I can tell you, it’s a tough one. Private, State or Grammar – This is a tough […]