How to make Christmas more affordable

When you have three little ones to buy for or a larger family, it’s quite easy for Christmas to slip away from you. While the festive season of fun and thrills is certainly full of warm hearts and good cheer, there’s no denying the cost. Filling up Santa’s sack can cost you a small fortune, […]

4 Reasons Why You Need To Start Saving Money For Your Kids

Kids are expensive and when you’re trying to budget for a family, saving money can be difficult. But it’s so important that you start putting money aside as soon as possible so you can help your kids in the future. A lot of young adults are struggling financially and more people are turning to their […]

#MakeAMascot Challenge with Cavendish Online

As we are growing older, we are constantly aware of how important life insurance is for the family. We have been looking around for life insurances where the premiums are not very high but still provide a good cover. I have looked into many life insurance covers and been to several comparison sites to see […]

Why my 8-year old daughter likes PktMny

  I love PktMny and the concept behind it as you will probably know if you have read my other posts but what does my daughter think of it? The card and the account is after all hers. Jadyn is 8 years old and is learning the value of money. There has been a positive […]

How Children Can Earn Pocketmoney and Learn to Spend Wisely

I like the idea of children getting pocket money so they learn to spend responsibly. What I like even more is for children to learn to earn their money. And no – this does not mean I support child labour! I believe that children should learn that money does not come easy (unless of course one […]