Get a grip on your tyres this winter with Michelin

With us hearing so often on the news about road traffic accidents, I think it is vital that we check our cars over at least once a week. It is even more urgent before a long drive. Like we don’t forget to fill fuel, we must make it a habit to ensure that the tyres […]

Fancy Dress Costumes – Why We Can Never Have Enough?

It’s coming up to Halloween and the best part of it is dressing up. The children love dressing up of course and they don’t really need Halloween to do it. I am constantly on the lookout for fancy dress costumes for the children and I saw some lovely ones in Tesco. No child can have […]

Big Energy Savings Week – Our Tips On How We Save Energy At Home #BESW14

With costs rising, I always look out for deals be it with the bills and shopping. It is quite difficult to stick to a budget as with three children there is always something they need. I think it is the energy costs that are the most expensive and with the arrival of winter these can […]

Get Ahead of Your Christmas Shopping By Saving Now

It’s a fact that the fall is the busiest time of year. From back-to-school, no more vacation time, and holidays on the rise, this is the time of year we all start breaking plans as that busy, overworked, tired sensation sets in. We begin to go into hibernation, and it feels as though we go […]

My dream home in Devon

I like living near London – the opportunities, the hustle and bustle, the richness of different cultures amalgamating, the food and fact that I can get around quite easily without needing to drive. Sometimes though I wish I could go and settle in a town nearer the sea. Away from the hustle and bustle. Far […]

Smart boys’ clothing from Lucas Frank

With my little boy, I am constantly on the lookout for clothes that have quality and style. Having 2 girls and a boy, I know that for little girls there is an exceptional range of beautiful clothes ranging from pretty to smart to gorgeous. However, when I look out for boys’ clothes I often find […]