A Word Game I Enjoyed Playing When I Was Young

When we were young, I remember playing this game called Name, Place, Animal, Thing. Do you remember ever having played it or something similar? If you haven’t, here’s the deal. It’s a word game and it makes you think. How to play – Write the letters of the alphabet on individual pieces of paper. Fold […]

Jacintaz3 Go Shopping at Centrale, Croydon

We were recently invited to a very exciting day out – at Centrale in Croydon. It is beyond doubt that a shopping experience can be very exciting for a mum but the children (especially my younger two) normally moan about it. On this particular occasion though, there were no complaints. You see, it had to […]

10 things to do with children on the last day of the year

1. Create a slideshow of the most memorable moments captured on camera (good and bad) and watch it together as a family. It created loads of laughter when we watched ours. 2. Raise a toast to the Old Year – Dress up for dinner and set the table complete with candles and wine (apple juice […]