Celebrate Halloween with Amazon Prime Video

I hope you’re having a lovely half-term! You’ve probably done all the mandatory outings with the kids and you’ve had enough. Next option – get in front of the telly and have a movie/telly/pyjama day. You know what it means – the best days of all. When you stay in your PJs all day and […]

Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience available on the small screens

Aeryn has always been a huge Peppa Pig fan. In fact for her second birthday, I had ordered a huge Peppa Pig plush that was probably bigger than her. We had been among the first to watch the Peppa Pig movie and this time we’re pleased to be able to announce that the movie is […]

A Word Game I Enjoyed Playing When I Was Young

When we were young, I remember playing this game called Name, Place, Animal, Thing. Do you remember ever having played it or something similar? If you haven’t, here’s the deal. It’s a word game and it makes you think. How to play – Write the letters of the alphabet on individual pieces of paper. Fold […]