Are Mobile Phones Safe For Children?

Children are more tech savvy than ever and even very young children are confident using mobile phones or tablets. Even with parental controls in place, it’s natural to worry about what your kids might accidentally be exposed to when they’re using your devices. There are some easy ways to make phones safer for kids of […]

FA Girls’ Football Week #WeCanPlay

I was pleasantly surprised when Jadyn came home one day saying she wanted to enter the tryouts to play football for her school team. To be honest, she had never shown any interest in playing the game and more so, I don’t think I had ever encouraged her to do so. It was great news […]

Our Active Crew Experience at the Virgin Active Health Club

Life has changed dramatically since I was young. We played games, outside. My children also play a lot of games  – on the iPad!! Which means that they don’t really get much scope to get active. Yes, there are parks but the weather doesn’t always permit and with winter upon us, it would be nice […]