Our #GreenGiantsMinions Easy Peasy Bites

We love the minions and we can’t wait for the new Minions movie. The children also love sweetcorn. In the run up to the movie, we were challenged by Green Giant to come up with a Minion inspired meal preparation. The kids were very enthusiastic and offered all sorts of ideas. So many ideas, so […]

Magic Squares and Tips for a Magical Playdate

Playdates – love them or hate them, if you have children you have them. I,for one, enjoy having my children’s friends over. We’ve had ordinary playdates – impromptu ones. And then we’ve been very fortunate to be chosen to host some Twitter parties where we’ve had more elaborate playdates. We live in a flat so […]

I’m up for the Dirty 30 Challenge with Appliances Online

This is one blogging campaign that the husband is sure to be happy with – Cleaning. And not just any cleaning but a ceiling to floor clean – evening the skirting!! Ok, lets face it. I’m not in the running for the Tidy Home Trophy. The house most times has toys on the floor and […]