Our In the Night Garden Picnic Party to raise funds for the NSPCC

We had a wonderful Sunday especially as we had our Picnic Party in support of the NSPCC. We had been sent a fundraising kit and a few extras and we had a lovely time. Our guests were quite excited too. Since the weather was not looking very promising, we held our picnic indoors. They are […]

Project Sunlight #ClearAPlate Campaign

As a parent, I try to instill in my children, the idea of not wasting -anything. This pertains to electricity, products, paper and more importantly food. I remember my parents always telling me not to waste food. In fact, we were not allowed to waste. We were served and we had to finish everything on […]

#PoweringSmiles this Christmas

My children have been smiling a lot lately. They have been invited to some rather lovely events and have been greeted with some amazing deliveries. I’m not smiling as much because I have to do all the writing that follows. Just kidding. I love my work and I love to see my children smiling. But […]