#BetterWithCake – Isn’t Everything?

Let’s face it – we all love cake. We can’t resist cake. And then, why should we.   Cakes make us happy and it has a scientifc theory behind it. Sugar (sucrose) increases the endorphins that boost mood and give us a ‘high’. Endorphins actually interact with cell receptors in the brain to block out […]

Mum Has A Few Tricks Up Her Sleeve With The Financial Magic App

As a mum I have quite a few magic tricks up my sleeve – for instance I can easily make chocolate and the iPad disappear when the children are extra spirited!! But some of my magic tricks are for me alone – to make my life easier. My top trick that I love to tell […]

I’m Jacinta, pleased to meet you

Name: Jacinta Zechariah Blog: Jacintaz3 Twitter id: @Jacintaz3 Height: 5ft 1 and a ½ (sounds so much better than 5ft 1”) Hair: Reddish – Brown with hints of copper grey. (yes the colour of my hair has amazingly changed since last year. ) Eyes: I am a brown-eyed girl Is this your first blogging conference? […]

BritMums Christmas Networking Event

On Monday,  it definitely felt like Christmas at the Britmums Christmas networking event sponsored by Morrisons. The moment I received the email about the event, I signed up and printed out my ticket. I know how fast tickets like this would go. I was pretty excited about the event as I knew a few bloggers […]