Casdon Little Helpers Henry Hand Held Vacuum Review

Aeryn loves imitating what I do and has recently shown even more interest in helping me around the house. She helps put the folded clothes away and though this does not take much time, it does help me quite a bit. Besides, she takes the responsibility quite seriously and I think that is great especially since she has taken it upon herself.

We had previously reviewed the Casdon Little Helper Trolley and Aeryn had great fun with that.

I was recently sent a Dyson hand held vacuum and it’s something I can’t do without. When Aeryn was sent her very own hand held vacuum from the Casdon Little Helpers range, she was thrilled that she could help me with the cleaning.


The Casdon Hand Held Vacuum set comes with the Vacuum and a little brush and pan and the best part of the set is that the vacuum actually works and sucks up small bits and pieces.


Seeing that, Ethan also wanted to try it out. 🙂

The quality is good and there are no sharp edges. The smiley face on the pan is rather sweet too. I like that there is a filter like the real vacuum and you can remove the top bit too. Aeryn feels it’s very close to the real thing.


The set is perfect for role play and at Aeryn’s age she is quite into this form of play.

It is priced at £12.99 and is available at all major retailers.

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